Tuesday, November 6, 2018

2019 Save the Date

Anchorage Transportation Fair

When: Wednesday, February 6, 2019, 3 to 7 p.m.
Where: Alaska Airlines Center Auxiliary, University of Alaska Anchorage
, 3550 Providence Dr
Ride bus routes 10, 20, or 55

Parking will be free in the lot in front of the building.

Send an email to Anne Brooks at comments.brooks.alaska@gmail.com to:
  • Reserve a table for your transportation project or program.
  • Become a sponsor.
  • Find out more about the event.
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Friday, February 2, 2018

2018 Layout

Alphabetical List of Projects/Plans
2       100th Ave Extension Phase II: Minnesota Dr to C St
33     2018-22 Transportation Improvement Program
23     3rd Ave Channelization: Ingra St to Post Rd
52     5th and 6th Ave Pavement Preservation: Karluk to Airport Heights
52     A St Pavement Preservation: Northern Lights to 40th
40     Abbott Rd Rehabilitation Phase II: Elmore to Birch
51     ADA Compliance
9       Aerial Imaging & Surveying
64     Air Quality
52     Airport Heights Pavement Preservation
69     Alaska 511
69     Alaska Aviation System Plan
22     Alaska Railroad
27     Alaska Trails
60     Alaska Trucking Association
28     Anchorage Areawide Trails Rehabilitation: Benson Pathway
28     Anchorage Areawide Trails Rehabilitation: C St Pathway
28     Anchorage Areawide Trails Rehabilitation: Fish Creek Trail
28     Anchorage Areawide Trails Rehabilitation: Turnagain Blvd to Kona Ln
65     Anchorage Community Councils
68     Anchorage International Airport Projects
21     Anchorage Mat-Su Commuter Rail
49     Anchorage Metropolitan Area Solutions
36     Anchorage Search Team
66     Anchorage Tomorrow (Municipal Bond Information)
20     Anchorage Water & Wastewater Utility
32     AnchorRIDES
37     Bike Anchorage
70     Bike Fixit Station
28     Bike Plan Project: Eagle River Rd/Eagle River Loop Rd
28     Bike Plan Project: Peterkin Bike Blvd
38     Bike/Pedestrian Safety
42     BLM Road - Campbell Tract Facility: Alternate Entrance Alignment
52     Boniface Parkway Pavement Preservation: Tudor to JBER Gate
52     Brayton Dr Pavement Preservation: DeArmoun to O'Malley
52     C St Pavement Preservation: 40th to Minnesota
52     C St Pavement Preservation: Port Access to 40th & Fireweed to Bridge
34     C St & 7th Transit Upgrade
67     Campbell Creek Trail Phases 2 & 3
24     Canyon Rd Improvements, Phase 2
51     Civil Rights
33     Coordinated Transportation Plan
45     Cordova St Pedestrian & Bicycle Improvements: 3rd Ave to 16th Ave
52     DeArmoun Pavement Preservation: E 140th to Hillside
34     Dimond Intermodal
28     DOT&PF & MOA Trails Projects
15     DOT&PF Central Region Planning
3       DOT&PF Central Region Right-of-Way
69     DOT&PF Maintenance & Operations
58     Dowling Rd & Seward Highway Interchange Reconstruction
46     Downtown Lighting & Signals Upgrade
2       Duben Ave Upgrade: Patterson St to Muldoon Rd
18     Eagle River Traffic Mitigation
59     Easy Park
52     Elmore Rd Pavement Preservation
47     Enstar 811: Call Before You Dig
28     Fish Creek Trail Connection
61     Glenn Highway & Muldoon Rd Interchange Improvement
56     Glenn Highway Integrated Corridor Management Study & C St/Ocean Dock Rd Study
52     Glenn Highway Pavement Preservation: Eklutna to Parks Highway
69     GovDelivery
11     Great Land Trust
39     Hatcher Alpine Xperience
10     Highway Corridors: Glenn, Seward, Parks, Sterling
63     Mat-Su Borough Transportation Portal
4       Measurement Standards & Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
48     Metropolitan Transportation Plan 2040
71     Midtown Congestion Relief
19     Midtown Corridor Improvements, Denali St Area: Benson Blvd to Tudor Rd
29     Military Society of Model Railroad Engineers
52     Minnesota Dr Pavement Preservation: Seward to Tudor
52     Minnesota Dr Pavement Preservation: Tudor to 15th Ave
28     Mountain View Dr Pathway Reconstruction
52     Muldoon Rd Pavement Preservation: DeBarr Rd to E 36th Ave
13     Municipal Light & Power
30     Municipality of Anchorage Office of Equal Opportunity
14     Municipality of Anchorage Long-Range Planning
33     Non-Motorized Plan
20     Northern Lights Blvd: Bragaw to Wesleyan Water Rehabilitation
25     O’Malley Rd Reconstruction Phase I: Seward to Livingston
26     O’Malley Rd Reconstruction Phase II: Livingston to Hillside
52     Old Glenn Highway Pavement Preservation: Artillery Interchange to West Lake Ridge Dr
52     Old Glenn Highway Pavement Preservation: Milepost 0 to 9
52     Old Seward Highway Pavement Preservation: Dowling to Dimond
52     Old Sterling Highway Pavement Preservation: Milepost 0 to 8.7
52     Pavement Preservation Projects
31     People Mover
35     Pleasant Valley Subdivision Area Rd Upgrade
52     Post Rd Pavement Preservation: 3rd Ave to Reeve Blvd
52     Rabbit Creek Rd Pavement Preservation
52     Reeve Blvd Pavement Preservation: 5th Ave to Post Rd
32     RideShare
57     Roundabout Information
52     Seward Highway Pavement Preservation: Milepost 114 to Dimond Blvd
5       Seward Highway: Dimond to Dowling Reconstruction
8       Seward Highway: Milepost 105 to 107, Windy Corner
7       Seward Highway: Milepost 75 to 90 Road & Bridge Rehabilitation
6       Seward Highway: O'Malley to Dimond Reconstruction
67     Ski Grooming Status Update Map
17     Spenard Rd Reconstruction Phase II: Hillcrest to 30th Ave
69     Statewide Aviation
51     Statewide Title VI
1       Toward Zero Deaths DOT&PF Traffic Safety
44     Trail Watch
67     Trail Wayfinding
51     Tribal Relations
52     Tudor Rd Pavement Preservation: Minnesota to E 36th Ave
2       Turnagain Blvd Upgrade: 35th Ave to Spenard Rd
16     U-Med District Phase IV Pedestrian Safety Improvements
43     University Lake Dr Improvements
41     University of Alaska Anchorage College of Engineering
62     Unmanned Aerial Systems
2       Vision Zero
50     Vote by Mail
12     W 32nd Ave & E 33rd Ave Upgrades
53     Watershed Management
54     Whittier Tunnel Surface & Drainage Improvements