Friday, February 8, 2019

2019 Photos

All photos by Camden Yehle. Please use freely and give credit. 

Monday, February 4, 2019

See you there!

When: THIS WEDNESDAY, February 6, 2019, 3 to 7 p.m.
Where: Alaska Airlines Center Auxiliary, University of Alaska Anchorage, 3550 Providence Drive, Anchorage

Meet at 4pm at The Bicycle Shop, 1035 W Northern Lights Blvd, Anchorage 
Contact: Pierce at, 907-891-8906

The Anchorage Transportation Fair is free and open to the public. Parking is also free. 

NEW: Sign in at the main sign-in tables at the front of the event for your chance to win two Alaska Railroad tickets!

Friday, February 1, 2019

2019 Layout

Alphabetical Project List
Table    Name
34:        2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan
17:        36th Ave Resurfacing
23:        3rd Ave Channelization: Ingra St to Post Rd
52:        5th & 6th Ave Pavement Preservation: Karluk to Airport Heights
52:        A St Pavement Preservation: Northern Lights Blvd to 40th
26:        Academy Dr/Vanguard Dr Area Traffic Circulation Improvements
51:        ADA Compliance
52:        Airport Heights Pavement Preservation: DeBarr to Glenn Highway
69:        Alaska 511
69:        Alaska Aviation System Plan
44:        Alaska Railroad
60:        Alaska Trucking Association
68:        Anchorage International Airport Projects
43:        Anchorage Mat-Su Commuter Rail
34:        Anchorage Metropolitan Area Transportation Solutions
36:        Anchorage Search Team
66:        Anchorage Tomorrow
20:        Anchorage Water & Wastewater Utility
37:        Bike Anchorage
70:        Bike Fixit Station
38:        Bike/Pedestrian Safety
42:        BLM Rd Campbell Tract Facility: Alternate Entrance Alignment
52:        Boniface Parkway Pavement Preservation
41:        C St/Ocean Dock Rd Study
21:        Campbell Woods Subdivision Area Road & Drainage Improvements
22:        Canyon Rd Improvements
5:          Center for Safe Alaskans
49:        Chugach Way Area Planning
51:        Civil Rights
34:        Complete Streets Policy
52:        DeArmoun Pavement Preservation: E 140th to Hillside
16:        DOT&PF Central Region Planning
3:          DOT&PF Central Region Right-of-Way
69:        DOT&PF Maintenance & Operations
Outside:DOT&PF Maintenance Equipment
1:          DOT&PF Traffic & Safety
58:        Dowling Rd & Seward Highway Interchange Reconstruction
40:        Downtown Lighting & Signals Upgrade
2:          Earthquake Response
48:        Easy Park
52:        Elmore Rd Pavement Preservation: Abbott to Providence
65:        Federation of Community Councils
52:        Fireweed Lane Pavement Preservation
59:        Fish Creek Trail: Turnagain Blvd to Kona Ln
41:        Glenn Highway Integrated Corridor Management Study
14:        Glenn Highway: Capacity Improvements Phase II (Southbound Bridge)
24:        Golden View Dr Intersection and Safety Upgrades
69:        GovDelivery
61:        Great Land Trust
10:        Highway Corridors: Glenn, Seward, Parks, Sterling
18:        Image Dr/Reflection Dr Area Road Reconstruction
Center: KIDS Activity Center
45:        M St Improvements: 4th Ave to 5th Ave
4:          Measurement Standards & Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
71:        Midtown Congestion Relief
11:        Midtown Corridor Improvements, Denali St Area
29:        Military Society of Model Railroad Engineers
52:        Minnesota Dr Pavement Preservation: Seward Highway to Tudor
52:        Minnesota Dr Pavement Preservation: Tudor to 15th Ave
33:        MOA Completed Projects
67:        MOA Health Department
49:        MOA Long Range Planning
15:        MOA Office of Emergency Management
50:        MOA Office of Equal Opportunity
27:        MOA Parks & Recreation
Outside:MOA Street Maintenance
59:        Mountain View Dr Pathway Reconstruction
52:        Muldoon Rd Pavement Preservation: DeBarr to 36th
66:        Municipal Bond Information
47:        Municipal Light & Power
34:        Non-Motorized Plan
25:        O’Malley Rd Reconstruction Phase II: Livingston to Hillside
52:        Old Glenn Highway Pavement Preservation: Artillery to West Lake Ridge
52:        Old Seward Highway Pavement Preservation: Dowling to Dimond
52:        Pavement Preservation Projects
31:        People Mover
56:        Pleasant Valley Subdivision Area Road Upgrade
52:        Post Rd Pavement Preservation: 3rd Ave to Reeve Blvd
52:        Reeve Blvd Pavement Preservation: 5th Ave to Post Rd
46:        Reka Dr Missing Sidewalks: Bragaw to Pine
32:        RideShare
Outside:Rollover Simulator
57:        Roundabout Information
52:        Seward Highway Pavement Preservation: MP 114 to Dimond Blvd
53:        Seward Highway Rockfall Mitigation
8:          Seward Highway: Milepost 105 to 107, Windy Corner
7:          Seward Highway: Milepost 75 to 90 Rd & Bridge Rehabilitation
9:          Seward Highway: O'Malley to Dimond Reconstruction
39:        Skeetawk: Hatcher Pass Ski Area
55:        Solid Waste Services: Climate Action Plan
34:        Spenard Corridor Plan
69:        Statewide Aviation
51:        Statewide Title VI
1:          Toward Zero Deaths
59:        Trails
30:        Transit on the Move
62:        Transportation & Connection
51:        Tribal Relations
13:        Tudor Centre Dr/Diplomacy Dr Area Resurfacing
19:        Tudor Rd & MacInnes St Intersection Signalization
49:        UMED Transportation Demand Management
63:        University of Alaska Anchorage College of Engineering
38:        Vision Zero
66:        Vote by Mail
12:        W 32nd Ave & E 33rd Ave Upgrades
28:        Watershed Management